All about Hiring a Web Developer

There are many technologies that are part of web development. The core duty of a web developer is to give the client the site that has all the specifications and features that he or she wants. You have to know the differences between a web designer and developer by now. A web designer is not really involved in creating codes for a site. In line with this, you'll definitely want to learn more  about this company.

It takes some time before a web developer gets to work on the codes for a website. When creating a site, you first have to deal with a lot of planning and analysis. The usual thing to happen is for the customer to want the site to work in a center manner. The project manager and whole dev team comes up with a timeline for the project. It is only upon completion of the planning period that's the time when development work starts. The web developer works first on the client side technologies, like HTML, CSS, and Java Script, and also the server side technologies such as NET and PHP. That's why it is important for a web developer to be highly skilled with many different technologies. The web designer is responsible for the design of the site but it is the developer who implements the design on the site. You can go to for more info on web designers and developers.

What could be the most important aspect of web development, and it is often the most neglected part of as well. Imagine if the developed site has a lot of errors the customer may lose revenues and more so the company's credibility. That's why the testing should be done by someone who has not been part of the team that developed the site.

If you are planning to hire a web developer soon for your business, you have to assess first your needs. First off, you have to identify if what you need is a static site or an e-commerce site. You have to look for a developer who can work on both to be safe in your choice.

You also have to choose the specialization of the web developer. There are those who are experts in open source while others are more into hard code. What's important is for you to find the developer who is not only skilled and professionally trained but also experienced in the kind of site that you want to have. You have to interview every developer you want to hire to find out more about their work ethics and their work process. Also, before you hire a web developer, here are some questions you'll want to ask them: